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Group Descriptions

Group Descriptions for STAR swimming 2016-2017


Novice:  This is our most basic program.  These swimmers will learn the basics of all strokes. Here freestyle and backstroke are taught as well as strong kicking.  They will learn strong safety skills and swim widths of the pool.  We ask that these swimmers know how to comfortably swim two widths of the pool.  The instructor is NOT in the pool and is teaching from the pool deck. This session will last 5-6 weeks long and there will be 3 sessions per year.

Red Team: (Ages 6-12) This is our STROKE INSTRUCTIONAL program.  Red swimmers are those that are just coming out of our Novice program (swim lessons). There is a major emphasis on stroke technique, turns, starts, and fun. Swimmers should be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke. STAR offers three, 60 minute practices each week from September through July.  Approximately eight swim meets are offered throughout the year as this is the beginning to competitive swimming. 

Blue Team: (Ages 7-14) This group of swimmers know of all 4 strokes fairly well. Each swimmer must be able to demonstrate the ability to handle regular practice routines. Emphasis is on drills, stroke technique, turns, starts, interval training, and fun. Most Blue swimmers train three or four two hour practices each week. Swimmers in this group are encouraged to attend more swim meets and learn to have fun in a competitive environment.  

Senior prep Team: (Ages 11-17) This group of swimmers is where refinement of turns, starts and stroke technique are continually taught.   Now there is an introduction on pace, race strategies and endurance training which is practiced daily. Senior prep swimmers are dedicated towards achieving goals at the local and Regional levels.  Most senior prep swimmers train two hours per day (four or five days per week) and attend several swim meets each year.    
Senior Team:   (Ages 13-18) At the Head Coach’s discretion, swimmers are invited to join the Senior Team where the athletes are training at a very high level.   The physiological, psychological, and biomechanical areas of swimming are taught. Senior Team members are dedicated towards achieving goals at the local, Regional and National levels. Senior swimmers train six days per week and attend several swim meets each year. Consistent video-taping is done to help make each swimmer as proficient as possible.