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Lake Erie Silver Dolphins Braun Meet

November 16, 2012 - November 18, 2012
October 3, 2012


This meet is for our Blue, Senior Prep, and Senior swimmers (That have a quailfying time).

This meet will close right away so you MUST go on line and make all changes ASAP.

All high school girls will need to email Coach Rick at if they want to compete at this meet as this is the same weekend as the HS State Championships.  This is not a "TEAM" bus trip so each family is responsible for getting there on their own.

The coaching staff also recommends that you look at the amount of swims you are qualified for.  If you are qualified for 3 events or less in this meet, you may want to think of attending the SHAQ meet on November 18th instead to get more swims in. 

Friday is a timed finals day.
Saturday is a prelim/final day which means that you may not swim more than 3 events per day.
Sunday is a timed finals day.  13 and overs can still only swim 3 events per day while the 12 and unders can swim 4.

Please remember that ALL competitive STAR swimmers are automatically entered for the meets they should be going to and will be billed for those events.

You must go online and either change or remove you events before the deadline for billing purposes.


Friday Warm-up at 4:30pm Meet starts at 5:20pm
Saturday Prelims
13 and overs
Warm-up at 7:30am Meet starts at 8:50am
Saturday Prelims
12 and unders
Warm-up at TBA
Usually at 12:10pm**.
Meet starts at TBA
Usually at 1:10pm**
Saturday FINALS Warm-up at 5:10**pm Meet starts at 6:00pm
13 and overs
Warm-up at 7:30am Meet starts at 8:50am
12 and unders
Warm-up at TBA
Usually at 12:45pm
Meet starts at TBA
Usually around 1:30pm


The finalized warm up plan and estimated timelines can be found at the LESD website 
( by Wednesday, November 14.  Afternoon session warm-up times can be verified by calling the pool
office at 440-466-1002 after 10:30AM of the day of the meet.